Transfer Google Photos to Another Account

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Transfer Google Photos to Another Account

Seeking the best way to transfer Google Photos to another account? Congratulations! You find it! In this post, we will show you the steps of the easiest way that you can quickly master as soon as you finish reading this post. Besides, the post also writes an introduction to the service that we are going to use – MultCloud. The more you know about MultCloud, the more cloud-to-cloud solutions you will know.

Why Transfer Google Photos to Another Account?

Google Photos is a cloud storage service that you can use to store, organize, and share photos across devices. There could be various reasons why someone may want to transfer their Google Photos to another account. We would like to list some common reasons below:

  • Change Email Accounts: If you decide to use another Google account as the main one, you may need to migrate your files including photos from your previous Google Photos account to the new one.
  • Separate Personal and Work Content: In the past, you could save both your photos and work photos on the same Google Photos account. Since the photos become more, you may want to separate the photos into 2 accounts. Thus, you want to make the photo transfer.
  • Backup Purpose: Photos can concrete our precious memories. To securely protect them from being lost, you may consider backing up Google Photos to another account. 
  • Security Concern: Saving photos in different accounts is a good way to control your access and permission when you doubt there may be some potential danger with your previous account.

Best Helper for Cloud File Transfer – MultCloud

After knowing some reasons that you may need to realize the transfer, let’s know more about the service that we will use – MultCloud. 

service that we will use – MultCloud

MultCloud is a multiple-cloud management service on which you can manage files on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud Drive, Google Photos, iCloud Photos, Flickr, SharePoint Online, NAS, and others. It offers 7 main functions that help to simply connect clouds.

  • Cloud Transfer: Automatically move files from one cloud to another without downloading.
  • Cloud Sync: Integrate 2 cloud drives and make files update in real-time.
  • Cloud Backup: Backup and restore files between clouds while saving different file versions.
  • Team Transfer: Migrate files from one business cloud to another business cloud.
  • Email Migration: Save email to PDF converter with or without attachments.
  • Shares: Share files with anyone who has the shared link and protect files with passwords.
  • Remote Upload: Upload files to a cloud as a common/torrent/magnet link.

Except for these functions, MultCloud also offers various features that you can customize your task. These features can further simplify your workflow.

  • Schedule: Schedule the task and let it run at your preferred time.
  • Cloud Filter: Filter the files that you want or don’t want to transfer with file extensions.
  • Email Filter: Filter the emails that you want to migrate with the senders, recipients, and other elements.
  • Sync Modes: Customize sync task with Incremental Sync, Mirror Sync, and more modes.
  • Cloud Transfer Options: You can decide how to handle the duplicates, whether to delete files after transfer, and more options.
  • Email Migration Settings: You can decide whether to save attachments or not and how to display the messages in each email.

With the above features, MultCloud’s functions can run better and you can have a more considered user experience. Maybe you can explore additional usage of MultCloud when you begin to use it.

How to Transfer Google Photos to Another Account via MultCloud

It is time to tell you the steps for using Cloud Transfer! You can also refer to these steps to transfer Google Photos to another cloud or transfer other cloud files. All you need to change is to add different cloud accounts.

Step 1: Sign up for a MultCloud account.

Step 2: Add your 2 Google Photos accounts to MultCloud. You will click the “Add Cloud” button in the left sidebar and choose the Google Photos icon. 

You will click the “Add Cloud” button in the left sidebar and choose the Google Photos icon

Step 3: Click “Cloud Transfer” and choose the source cloud and the target cloud. Finally, tap on “Transfer Now”.

Click “Cloud Transfer” and choose the source cloud and the target cloud. Finally, tap on “Transfer Now”


As you can see, MultCloud truly breaks the inherent thought of downloading and uploading files for transfer. The process becomes more direct and automatic. You can also try Cloud Sync if you want to sync Google Photos to Google Drive. Give it a try and it won’t let you down.

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In conclusion, MultCloud emerges as a valuable solution for seamlessly transferring Google Photos between accounts, offering a straightforward and efficient process. Whether you’re changing email accounts, separating personal and work content, backing up precious memories, or addressing security concerns, MultCloud provides a user-friendly platform with a range of functions.

The multiple-cloud management service not only simplifies the transfer process but also introduces innovative features such as Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, Cloud Backup, Team Transfer, Email Migration and Remote Upload. These functions, coupled with customizable features like scheduling, cloud filtering, email filtering, sync modes, and transfer options, enhance the overall user experience.

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