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Is your blog working properly? This is a question every website owner asks but often has no answer to. You can total your shares on social networks. Maybe you even used this modified bounce rate approach to get a better idea of ​​whether someone is actually leaving your content. But how do you know what people are actually connecting to and interacting with certain content? In this article, you’ll learn how heatmaps represent your content’s performance. 


Basic knowledge of heatmaps 

Isn’t it easier to see where people click on your content or how long they spend viewing each section? Surely you have heard or read about how heat mapping technology can help you in this endeavor. 

The data is represented graphically in the heatmap. Tracking heatmaps is a great way to see how website visitors interact with the document in general. 

Consideration can come up with your own new ideas while optimizing the performance of your hardware. This way, your content initiatives will realize their fullest potential, and you can engage with your audience in a targeted way. We’ll go through the basics of heat maps and the tools available, and then walk you through how to set up, create, and analyze data you can use.  

Heatmaps are accessible in a number of formats, each focusing on a distinct element of user behavior and interaction. 


 Here are the main types you can experience: 


  • Segment heatmap: This shows your traffic source and how it is performing.
  • Click heatmap: It shows where your users are clicking on your website.
  • Scroll heatmap: It shows how far your content has scrolled.   


Filtering data with segmental heatmaps is simple and convenient. By selecting or deselecting the appropriate items, you can choose which data you want to see. Determine which parts of your page are the most popular. Check to see if one of the parties acted differently from the others. Click heatmaps are useful for analyzing the effectiveness of your CTAs. Not getting more clicks on the new button you put on the page? 

Change its text, color, or shape. Scrolling heatmaps can help you determine your audience’s investment or engagement with a particular piece of information.  You may need to make some changes if they are not at the bottom of your blog post. To scroll them, modify the theme, structure, or include media.  


Running some of these tests, whether content specific or related to your site’s usability, can help you analyze and improve performance

Basic knowledge of heatmaps

Segment heatmap

Segment heatmaps can help you identify the sources from which the majority of your traffic is coming. In light of this, you may utilize this information to address any issues you may have with the volume of your purchases.

But how can you apply this information? We assure you that it is really easy. In essence, all you have to do is examine the resources that are most widely used and implement a thorough marketing plan on these platforms.

You might need to create additional posts and advertisements if you see that social networking interfaces drive the majority of your traffic. We advise implementing PPC advertisements if you discover that most of your traffic is coming from browsers. However, segment heatmaps also have a very big advantage. These data visualization tools show you how your new and returning visitors to your use your website.


Click heatmap

When you want to learn how your visitors are using your website, click heatmaps are a highly useful tool. You may determine which buttons are most frequently used, which pages are most frequently viewed, and which of your items are the most well-liked using this information. The creation of ad campaigns and the optimization of websites both heavily rely on click heatmaps. Do your sales seem to be declining? You could be having trouble deciding how to design the creative components for one of your advertisements? Only a click away from the solution.


You may utilize these CTAs in your ad if you use this heatmap to see which ones are working effectively on your website. As the creative components that performed well on your website will also function well in your advertisement, you might also need to assess the individual design elements.


Scroll heatmap

You can determine how long users scroll down your website and where they linger the longest by using scroll heatmaps. Since we no longer have the time to browse or go through a full page, this information may initially appear pointless. However, trust us when we say that you won’t regret utilizing this tool.

According to our personal experience, scroll heatmaps significantly increase your visitors. It has a significant advantage in blog interfaces since it enables you to add links to your items in locations where your visitors are sure to read them. This approach is one that we typically take, and we can attest to its efficacy.

The field of the advertisements that are displayed on your website is another advantage of employing scroll heatmaps. Your ads will be significantly more useful and successful if you put them in an area where the scroll heatmap has indicated that it is warm. If you advertise on your successful website and can charge other advertisers more for the popular portions of your website, your product will also be more likely to be bought in this manner.

content analytics


As you can see, the heatmap shows how people interact with different parts of your website. It shows which parts of your website get the most clicks or views and keep your visitors interested. Let’s start by scrolling through the heatmaps. When it comes to content analytics, this is probably the most essential measurement tool. We will also show why.


With scrolling heatmaps, you can see how long visitors spend scrolling your page and where they spend the most time. This may seem like unnecessary information at first glance, as we all know we don’t have time to explore or read an entire page these days, but trust us when we say you will. no regret. use it. 

For example, you can use a scrolling heatmap to observe how long visitors spend scrolling your blog page. This will give you a good idea of ​​how interesting the content is, as well as whether the reader will click on the embedded links. 

If you find that only the first paragraphs of an article have been read, your content may not be of interest to your target audience. 

Remove these elements from your site and replace them with ones that have been proven to work with scrolling heatmaps. Another advantage of scrolling heatmaps is that they can be used to determine where links should be placed in the text. Remember that this is an important factor because the material will only be truly effective if there are well-placed connections. 


You need to put them in a place where your visitors will definitely read them. 


Move heatmaps 

Movement maps are often referred to as session replays. Heatmaps have been used to determine the effectiveness of blogging. On the other hand, an article without a link is just a bunch of text. The strength of the text will be determined by the links. Embedded URLs will attract potential buyers, which will improve your conversion rates, and they are what make content SEO friendly. Session playback can be used to study these markers. 

Movement maps are also data visualization tools. It describes how visitors to your website interact with it.  It shows what your visitors see, click, and how they interact with your website. 

This tool will tell you how many times your readers have clicked the links in your content. This way, you will be able to determine which anchor text is best for your site

Another advantage of session replay is that you can observe one by one. 

If you measure a blog post, you should be able to determine where to place the link in the text. If you find that the links at the top of the text are clicked more often, try to keep them 

in the future. This will greatly improve your chances of increasing your conversion rate and you will have a better-performing blog as a result. 


As you can see, writing useful content is not as easy as you think. On the other hand, heatmaps and session playback make your job much easier. 

To get the best blog look and feel, we recommend repeating these steps at regular intervals. Heatmaps and session playback can even be used together


Let’s create great content.  

We hope we can help you.


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