MacBook Evolution: The History of MacBook Air and Pro 2020

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MacBook Evolution

MacBook Evolution: The History of MacBook Air and Pro 2020


In terms of design, construction, and functions, Apple’s MacBook range has advanced significantly. Having one today means having a laptop with a stylish design, a durable Macintosh construction, and a dependable operating system. The high-Retina display, the comfortable and responsive keyboard, and the elegant design that houses a machine that exceeds other brands and models are just a few of the exceptional attributes that distinguish MacBooks as a superior laptop. Of course, the MacBook we use today has undergone a number of changes. In fact, the Macintosh Portable, the company’s first portable computer, was released in 1989.

MacBook Evolution

Our infographic below shows the evolution of the MacBook¬†and this renowned machine’s development over time.

MacBook Evolution

The well-known electronics firm Apple is proud of its instantly recognizable products. By looking at someone today, you could tell if they’re using a MacBook or not by the sleek, simple design. So, how did Apple arrive at this stage?


Over the years, Apple’s laptop computers have gone by various names. In 1991, Apple launched its laptop range under the name PowerBook. It afterward went on to achieve great success. The PowerBook 100, also known as the Mac Portable, has a palm rest area, a front-and-center trackball that is useful for both lefts- and right-handed users, and a set-back keyboard. This laptop eventually became the industry standard.


It underwent many stages of redesign and advancement throughout the 15 years that the PowerBook series’ brand name was in use. The PowerBook G4 was the final iteration of the PowerBook line and is regarded as the MacBook’s immediate predecessor. It popularized the futuristic, sleek, and compact design that is still present in modern MacBooks.


In 2006, the first MacBook was released. The company produced a laptop with a contemporary design that no other brand has done before. The initial MacBook laid the groundwork for Apple’s current line of laptop computers.

MacBook Pro was released in 2006

The MacBook sold the most laptops of any brand in the United States in 2008. Three key design changes have been made with it throughout those years: a polycarbonate and fiberglass combination, an aluminum unibody construction, and a polycarbonate unibody.


The MacBook Pro was released in 2006 and included an Intel processor, Retina display, and a svelte aluminum unibody design. Since the Pro’s debut, cutting-edge advancements have been included in its features and specifications.


In 2015, Apple launched a brand-new line of Apple laptops, the most portable system to date and a powerful machine housed in a sleek, light aluminum frame. This particular design resembled a hybrid of the MacBook Air and Pro. It was, however, discontinued shortly after. Since consumers could purchase alternative Mac models that performed better, few customers liked the futuristic laptop.

Final words

Both professionals and students have loved using the legendary MacBook Pro. Its powerful hardware and software have established the standards for compact devices. Users’ strategies for productivity have changed thanks to products. Apple laptops have become much more affordable over time while also performing better, which is fantastic for customers.


Consider purchasing a used, which is just as powerful as a brand-new laptop, if you want a MacBook that performs well and fits your budget.

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