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If you want to know about killer network service, you are right. Here, we will discuss all “killer network services.” So, read this article from start to end.

What is a killer network service?

A killer network service is an application run in the background of your pc. This application observes all the process, which uses the network, and optimizes them to enhance the user’s gaming experience. It helps your device connect with the network and capture the network to provide you with the best gaming experience. Sometimes, it causes issues in the performance of your device, and your machine slows down.

what is killer app

Killer network service is located in the program file’s folder. It is not a windows app. This application is not harmful but gets a lousy status due to some reason and consider destructive and detrimental for devices. One of the significant reasons why it is considered dangerous is its high CPU usage.

General information about killer network service

I know we have already told you about the killer network service, but in this section, we will explore more about it. It is a background service that observes all the processes using the network and gives resources to enhance users’ gaming experience. It is also known as the “killer performance suit.”

App name 

Killer network service






Rivet Network LLC


File location 

C: \ program files\ killer networking \ killer Control Centre


File size 

2067168 bytes


The file size can be increased by window types such as windows 10, 8, and 7.

How to turn on the killer network service

If you want to turn on the killer network service on your device, go to the location of the file mentioned above and tap twice at the file. When you double-click the file twice, it starts running on your device.

You can also check out the service running in the process tab of the task manager and can stop or disable this service anytime. If you think this file is dangerous for your device, then you can disable it at any time and can delete the file from the control panel.

Is a killer network service a virus?

It is just a background service enabled in the window to enhance the gaming experience by improving the network connection. This service is not a virus, but sometimes many viruses and malware disable this service to get access to your device.

killer network virus

You can check the file’s path to see if it is a virus. The accurate killer network service’s path is c:\programfiles\killernetworking\killercontrolcenter. If the given way changes the course, this file is a virus.

Can you remove the killer network service?

Killer network service is not a window file so you can remove it. Removing this file does not harm your device. You cannot notice any harmful effects on your OS functionality. Therefore, you can remove the killer network service if you want.

remove killer network

Methods to resolve the killer network service high CPU usage

If you want to determine the high CPU usage of killer network service, then you can do it easily by following the methods mentioned below:

1. Stop high usage by service

One of the methods by which you can resolve high CPU usage of killer network service is by using service. If you want to use this method, then you must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click the window key + r to open the “run” dialogue box
  • When the run dialogue box appears, type “service. msc” and then click on the enter key

press enter

  • After that, find out killer network and click it twice
  • When you click it, then service status appears on your screen; press the “stop” key to stop this service

2. Uninstall killer network by command prompt

As it is not a window service, you can install it. If you uninstall this app, it will not affect your pc. You can resolve the high usage of CPU after uninstalling this app. Therefore, you can uninstall this app by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the window search bar and type control there
  • When it locates, then press at open key by clicking the right of your mouse
  • Press on the “view by dropdown” and then select “category.”
  • Go to the program and then press on uninstall the program
  • When you open the “uninstall program” tab, select killer and press on it, and uninstall it


3. Use resource monitor

It suburbanizes your device system. Using a resource monitor, you can resolve the issue due to a killer network. You can do this by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Click at window + r to open the run dialogue box
  • Type “resmon” and click ay the enter
  • After that, the resource monitor opens to find out it
  • When you find out the killer network service, click the right key of the mouse on it and then press on the “end process” option

4. Use the restore health command

You can remove the issue due to the killer network service with the help of the restore health command. If you want to remove the issue with the health command, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the window search bar and type cmd
  • Choose run as administrator by clicking the right on it
  • When the command prompt opens, enter “dism.exe/online/clean-image/restore health.”
  • After typing it, press the enter key
  • By using this process, you will be able to fix the issue due to the killer network without losing your data

5. Fix the issue by system restore point

You can fix the issue due to network service by going back to the settings when it was not issuing the system. You can do this by system restore point.

Additional ways to resolve the issue

You can resolve the issue with it by using the methods mentioned below:

·     Remove computer files

Removing unnecessary files from your device regularly can resolve the issue in your device due to the killer network service. It not only determines the problem with it but also enhances the functionality of your device. It will make your device fast.

·     Enable antivirus program

You can use antivirus software if you face issues with your device. You can get rid of such types of problems by using anti-malware software. When you enable the antivirus program or software, it will protect your device from viruses and malware.

·     Use, a clean manager

Using the clean manager, you can also resolve the issue on your device. You can remove such files by using the clean manager. One of the best reasons for using this manager is that it removes all the unwanted files from your system and hidden files from your computer.

·     Task manager

Another way you can resolve the issue is by using a task manager. It will help you to find out the doubted files and enable you to remove such files from your device.

We are allowing endow updates automatically.

You can also fix the issue in your device due to killer network service by allowing windows updates. It is helpful, especially for windows ten users, because updates can solve the issues.

Is killer network service harmful to your device?

It is not a wrong application and not harmful to your device or pc, but sometimes it will be restricted to access your device due to malware and virus. It sometimes uses a high or more significant CPU percentage because it observes your activity.

It can affect the functionality of your device and can slow down your device. Therefore, you can disable this service on your device at any time.

How can you prevent killer network service?

Once you remove this app from your device and want to prevent it again, you can use antivirus programs.

Antivirus and anti-malware programs can protect your device from viruses and malware. They will also locate unnecessary and doubtful files and apps and can easily remove them.

If it causes an issue with your CPU, you can eliminate the killer network service by disabling the file from your device. Avoid clicking the doubtful links and protect your device from viruses and fraud.

Is the killer network service safe to run?

This is a background service that enhances your gaming experience and observes the process of using the internet on your device. Killer network service is a safe app, but sometimes it can cause an error in your machine and be dangerous for your device.

Sometimes, it cannot access your computer due to viruses and malware.

Final words

A killer network service is a background service that observes the process of using the internet on your device and enhances your gaming experience. However, sometimes, this app causes errors in the machine and slows down the functionality of the app.

According to a survey, 33% of users keep this app, while 67% remove it from their devices.

I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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