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itop vpn

Whether a CEO, an entrepreneur, or a remote worker, you must use a PC to tackle client projects. A vast majority of PCs use windows as an operating system worldwide. Windows are taking 45.3% of the usage share. Due to this, you can easily find an endless array of windows compatible software on the market. So, when you think of keeping your PC secure, using a VPN is essential to ensure security and anonymity.


Use a VPN for PC

There are multiple reasons why you should use VPN for PCs. Above all, VPNs provide you with an additional security layer and anonymity by encrypting your info. Each VPN comes up with its own features and benefits. However, choosing the best VPN for a PC can sometimes get hectic. It is because there is a lot to consider, from streaming sites unblocking to price, performance, etc.

Fortunately, with iTop, you don’t have to go through this anymore.

iTop VPN is a great utility that can help you easily improve your online security and break geo-restrictions. It allows you to enjoy free access to your favorite online content from any corner of the world. Most importantly, the VPN uses military-grade encryption. Higher-level encryption can encrypt your online traffic to hide your IP address. Consequently, you can rest assured about your online security and privacy in the best possible way.

itop vpn

How to set up iTop VPN?

Here are some simple steps to set up iTop VPN:

  • Download the iTop VPN from the official website.
  • Install iTop VPN setup on your PC.
  • Connect to the needed locations.


Key Features of iTop VPN

Let’s have a look at the security and unblock features of this software below and see how it can help you be secure and free online.


Lightning-fast speed  

Usually, VPNs slow down your Internet connection speed. However, it creates a safe connection for you without slowing down the transferring speed with its unlimited bandwidth.


Military-grade encryption

iTop VPN ensures enhanced privacy and safeguards data by using best-in-class 256-bit encryption. It builds an encryption tunnel and makes it securer to connect to public networks.

Security reinforcement is another lucrative feature of this software. Having this function activated on your PC keeps you from data leakage. Most importantly, this function also detects and fixes malicious bugs automatically.


Numerous reliable server connections

iTop offers a global connection with above 1800 strategically placed servers worldwide. It can also automatically pick up the best server connection for you if you can’t locate it.

Unblock content

iTop provides optimized and dedicated VPN servers for unblocking. Users can stream Netflix videos with no buffering, play the geo-locked PUBG, and use WhatsApp anywhere.


Ads blocking

Ads blocking allow you to block nasty ads, especially while using browsers. It will keep you anonymous online by not leaving any traces of ads.


Some additional features of iTop VPN include:

  • Split tunneling
  • Enhanced browser privacy
  • Kill switch
  • No log privacy
  • DNS protection
  • IPV6 servers
  • Around-the-clock technical support



Overall, iTop offers you everything you need for ensured online security and privacy. Simply, it offers all the essential and advanced features. Therefore, it is the best and most trustworthy connection you can get for your PC.

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