How to Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox?

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Google Drive to Dropbox

In this post, we will show you three reliable ways to maneuver files from Google Drive to Dropbox. Keep reading, and you may notice that moving files from Google Drive to Dropbox isn’t onerous.

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How do I Copy Files from Google Drive to Dropbox?


“I have thousands of files in Google Drive, however, I even have put in Dropbox on my system, and I might prefer to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox. The question is a way to do this within the easiest method. Thanks for your reply in advance!”

Cloud storage service offers users straightforward thanks to keeping a copy of their files and conjointly lets them access the files on any device, which is sort of convenient. Several users have recently run multiple cloud storage accounts owning to same or completely different cloud drives to take advantage of the extra free storage or advanced options.


Why Transfer Google Drive Files to Dropbox?


There are some reasons why users transfer files from Google Drive to Dropbox:

☛First, Dropbox has no limitations regarding file size. In contrast, the mistreatment of Dropbox desktop or mobile apps, whereas Google Drive is restricted to 50MB for Documents, 100MB for Spreadsheets and shows, and five TB for different files.

☛Second, Dropbox is far cheaper than Google Drive with a constant house, which implies that Dropbox prices less cash compared to Google Drive per G.

☛Third, Dropbox uses the block correct technology, and Google Drive uses the file level correct technique, which implies Dropbox corrects abundant quicker than Google Drive on the net version.

☛Last but not least, Dropbox permits you to attach many tools you prefer to use.


How to Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox


Generally, there are three ways that you will follow to migrate files. The primary manner is to transfer and re-upload files manually between cloud storage. The second manner conjointly wants downloading and re-uploading. However, it supports downloading and uploading all knowledge right away. The third manner is the easiest method which will assist you to migrate Google Drive to Dropbox directly while not downloading and uploading.

Method 1. Transfer Files by selection

This manner could be an ancient however commonest way. Before moving files from Google Drive to Dropbox, you ought to transfer the files you would like from Google Drive and transfer them to Dropbox manually via Google Drive and Dropbox internet app. Let’s take photos as AN example to indicate to you the way to transfer photos from Google Drive to Dropbox:

  1. Attend the Google Drive website and log in to your previous Google Drive account.
  2. Produce a replacement folder to store all files beneath the basis directory of your Google Drive. Collect all the files and place them into the new folder.
  3. On the Google Drive page, click “My Drive”. Then, right-click the files you would like, click the “Download” button and expect the method to finish.

Google Drive transfer

  1. Attend the Dropbox website and log in to your account together with your email and watchword.
  2. Click on “Upload” in the higher right corner so you’ll be able to like better transfer files or folders from your pc.

Dropbox transfer Files

Method 2. Transfer Files from Drive to Dropbox – All knowledge right away

Suppose you wish to maneuver all the info in right away and your account could be a G Suite account. In that case, you’ll be able to use Google Takeout to transfer all files from Google Drive to the native drive right away and then, transfer them via the net app. To do it, follow the steps below:

  1. Attend “Google Takeout”, click “Deselect all” tick the checkbox at the correct aspect of “Drive”, and then click “Next Step”.

Deselect All

  1. Choose “Add to Dropbox” because of the delivery technique.

Add to OneDrive

  1. Scroll all the way down to “Link accounts and make export” and click on it.

Link Accounts produce Export

  1. Then, you may be asked to log in to your Dropbox account and Google Drive, please do this and click on “Open in Dropbox” when the exportation method ends. Otherwise, you will attend your Dropbox and consider the archived files.

Method 3. Transfer Files mechanically

Since there are also thousands of files or folders that you just need to maneuver, you’d higher consider a lot of convenient tools to avoid wasting an excessive amount of time. I extremely suggest you utilize a free cloud backup service like CBackup to transfer half or all knowledge right away mechanically.

CBackup could be a comprehensive and skilled cloud backup service that supports cloud-to-cloud backup, cloud-to-cloud correct in addition as computer cloud backup. So, you’ll be able to simply transfer from Google to Dropbox. For cloud-to-cloud backup:

If you would like to transfer Drive to Dropbox or ought to move files between the cloud storage supported by CBackup, do not hesitate to follow the steps to use it:

  1. Start with CBackup. Produce a CBackup account at no cost and sign on to the CBackup desktop app. Download CBackup

Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP

Secure transfer

Sign in

  1. Click “My Storage” and “Add Cloud”, choose “Google Drive” and hit “Add”, and so follow the steps to grant CBackup to access your Google Drive files. Then, complete the Google Drive info on CBackup. Repeat the method to feature Dropbox to CBackup.

Select Google Drive

  1. Click on the “Backup Tasks” tab at the highest of the page, then, click the “New Task”> “Cloud Files” button to form the cloud backup task. 

Select Cloud Files

  1. Name your backup task, and click the “Add Source” button to feature the entire Google Drive because of the backup supply. CBackup conjointly permits you to pick out a section of files on Google Drive because of the backup supply. Similarly, click the “Add Destination”> “Single Cloud”> choose Dropbox because of the backup destination.

Backup Google Drive

5. When backing up, you’ll be able to simply restore the files that are antecedently protected to the first location or a replacement location simply with CBackup.


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