How to hire remote developers? Tips on hiring in 2023

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How to hire remote developers? Tips on hiring in 2023

When you search for a credible to push your business to a massive success story without spending a fortune, hiring remote app developers is the best alternative to maintaining a large team of in-house developers

In technologically advanced countries, a significant portion of workers works remotely. While remote hiring is all good, it is essential to take note of the hiring challenges, and some trusted and tried measures. Below, we will discuss some of the most effective tips for hiring remote developers

Know the challenges and variable factors 

There are many challenges and variable factors in hiring the best developer team. 

variable factors in hiring the best developer

  1. Take note and document the app size and how you can build the app to solve real-life pain points of people. 
  2. Large and ambitious projects should always hire specialist developers from a reputed development company, and small projects and startups can opt for freelance developers with good track records and experience.
  3. Assess the development cost beforehand and make the least of variables and rates. 
  4. You also need to consider the time-zone difference to ensure meeting the project deadline. 
  5. Lastly, to hire developers, always consider the linguistic and cultural gap. 

Make a well-articulated PRD

The most important first step to hiring remote developers is creating a detailed Project Requirement Document (PRD). It should mention everything from the app idea, its goals, technology stack, app budget, and project timeline. 

When you have finished creating the PRD, the project and its stakeholders can have a detailed roadmap for getting the best resources on board. Creating a good Proof of Concept (POC) to show the would-be developers before hiring is also suggested. 

The PRD, coupled with the app POC, can help the project to get on board the most experienced development teams, and to ensure the best output, you can communicate the project requirements better. 

Know where to find resources 

When you hire remote app developers to develop an app from scratch, you first need access to a big developer talent pool, and then only you can start screening. Let’s see the key ways and places where you should look for developer candidates for your project. 

  • Job boards: To hire remote app developers, and post job ads on leading job boards and job portals such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. 
  • Freelance platforms: You can choose freelance developers for small app projects with short-term resource requirements. Some leading platforms for freelance developers include, TopCoder, Upwork, Fiverr, and others. 
  • Leading development companies: If you want to hire a remote developer team from reputed development companies, you can hit several enterprise rating platforms such as Clutch and Good firms. 

Evaluate developer’s accounts on Stack Overflow and GitHub 

When you hire remote developers with the right skill and experience, you should visit popular developer platforms like StackOverflow and GitHub. Do the following for best results. 

  • Check the developer portfolio and their previous app clients and get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses and the essential qualities you need for your project. 
  • In StackOverflow and GitHub, you can evaluate their skills and knowledge just by scanning their responses to questions. You can also see their earlier projects, code contributions, ratings, and time with the platform on these platforms. 

Understand technical skill requirements 

Having excellent coding skills is something you cannot compromise, and that’s why you should know how to screen technical capabilities first. Below, we offer some must-do tips for understanding the technical skills of developers. 

  • It would help if you had traditional qualifications in computer science and certifications for different technologies, as required. 
  • You need to hire developers with good project exposure in the same or similar skills. 
  • Hiring developers with versatile skills, such as full-stack development for a small-budget project becomes essential. 
  • Once you have made the initial screening, you must start technical assessment through the remote interview, demo coding, and peer programming session. 
  • Check their portfolio and inquire about the feedback and opinion of earlier customers. 

Understanding soft-skill requirements 

Understanding soft-skill requirements 

A set of soft skills is equally crucial for hiring app developers remotely. Competency in communicating the project and tasks is a critical skill for any app project. Here we will explain some of the essential soft-skill requirements for any app development project.

Why is soft skill assessment so crucial for remote hiring? Several challenges can be controlled when the developer is versed in the communication protocols and challenges. Sometimes even the most skilled developers must present their core skills excellently or communicate the development problem to other team members. 

Below, we explain some of the most important soft skills to look for when hiring developers remotely. 

  • Time handling: The remote developers must be a master in time management.  Time handling capacity includes workflow management, task management, scheduling, meeting deadlines, etc. An experienced developer always has the best time management skill. 
  • Problem-solving aptitude: Apps focus on real-life solutions to business problems, so developers need great problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking skills. This goes parallel to their core coding skills. 
  • Teamwork & collaboration: Remote developers should be able to collaborate and interact meaningfully with the in-house development team to keep the project moving forward. They should be versed with the top project management and collaboration tools.
  • Communication skills: Seamless communication without culture and language barriers is important for remote app developers. This is why they make sure to evaluate how well they communicate. 

Summing it up 

All the above tips are tested and tried across the most successful app projects relying on remote developers. Hiring remote developers has its challenges, and there by following these tips and measures, you can ensure the best safeguards for the success story you aspire for.  

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