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Humans have come a long way in their journey of inventions and advancements. One of them is Editing. Whether it is photo editing or video editing, it’s crazy to see how much can we do with it. With unlimited possibilities one of which is ‘changing or removing a video background’. If you are a content creator or a pro video editor, knowing how to change/remove a video background is an important and handy skill that can save you both time and money. 

High-quality video editors have quite a few options to change/remove backgrounds from a video, one of which is by using a green screen. 

In this article, we will introduce one of the many video editor software found on the internet. 

Wondershare Filmora


Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a great video editing software that can easily remove video backgrounds. Besides providing various video effects and templates, you can also share your videos on social media platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Wondershare Filmora’s full version allows you to import videos, photos, and audio files from local folders and record multimedia using available input devices. SD and HD recording devices are supported. Each track can be edited individually even after adding it to the timeline. You can crop images, crop durations, split audio streams, take snapshots, and adjust image properties such as contrast, brightness, and saturation.


Change/Remove video background with green screen effect


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change/remove the video background with a green screen.

Step 1. Download Filmora on your device. Launch the program and click on a new project. Import the video that has to be edited into filmora.

Filmora on your device

Step 2. Now you will see an edit settings window pop up. Select video and scroll down to select the chroma key green screen feature. You can manually change or alter some other settings according to your own preference such as Offset, tolerance, etc. 

Position and adjust the background

Step 3. Position and adjust the background clip onto the green screen. Resize each video clip so that both can fit equally.  

Step 4. Now lastly, you can export the video in any file format available. When you have chosen the file format click on export. 

file format available

Change/Remove video background using AI Portrait 


AI Portrait is a new Add-on in Filmora, as it is an additional component you will either have to purchase or try for free.

In order to use the AI Portrait effect, all you need to do is, import your video to filmora and click on effects then select AI Portrait from the sidebar, there you will see all the AI Portrait effects available. You can preview it by clicking on the AI Portrait thumbnail.

AI Portrait thumbnail

When you select the AI Portrait you want, select it and you will see a pop-up window where you will be asked whether to purchase it or try it. Choose what’s to your liking. However, in case of changing/removing the video background, you will have to choose ‘Human segmentation’.

Key Features


With Filmora you get all the basic features and effects you need to create videos for your YouTube pages, travel documentaries, and vlogs. Filmora has over 100 unique visual effects and a wide variety of filters and overlays.

Instant mode


When you start Filmora, you can choose between two modes, Simple Mode or Full Featured Mode. Full feature mode gives you more control over your video. Easy mode, on the other hand, will automatically create a movie for you. In this mode, users simply import clips, select music tracks, and program a theme. Access about 100 pre-designed templates that can be easily edited according to your preferences and requirements.

Speech to text


Filmora’s Speech-to-Text (STT) feature allows the Filmora editor program to accurately recognize the spoken elements of your video and convert them to text. You can customize the text output later according to your specific needs.



Filmora gives you the freedom to experiment with your editing creativity by masking keyframes and combining different media types into your edited video. Use blending and transition effects to make your keyframes more accurate and precise. Currently, this tool allows you to choose and add 18 mask effects to your edited video.

your edited video

Filmstock plus FX Plug-ins


Filmora 11 adds color to your video editing experience with the ultimate post-production visual utility from Boris FX Pack. The NewBlue FX plugin also comes with an amazing set of preset video templates customized by professional editors. You can also access 500 custom presets for custom videos, 100 title styles and effects, and amazing video effects.

amazing video effects



Not everyone has an access to the perfect location or surrounding to shoot or film videos. Thus, in order to maintain time and money, creators often turn to software that will allow them to alter their video backgrounds to suit their preferences. Therefore, Wondershare Filmora should be at the top of your bucket list as it offers multiple ways in which you can change/remove backgrounds from your video. Hope this article cleared all your queries. 

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