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How will you feel when you get around 50 GB of cloud storage without paying anything? If you think it is a joke, then, believe me, it is not. In this article, I am telling you how it is possible. This article contains information about JioCloud login, a free cloud storage app. If you want free cloud storage, JioCloud is your best option If you want further information, read this article from start to end.

JioCloud Overview

JioCloud is an Indian storage app that Reliance Jio provides. Reliance Jio is a renowned telecom network owned by Mr. Mukesh Ambani. It is created specifically for Indian users.

When anyone needs JioCloud login, it will give you 5 GB of free storage in which you can store your pictures, videos, files, and every type of document. In addition, you will get the option to synchronize, share, and access your stored files using any device. You can use mobile and TV.

JioCloud Log-In Procedure


You can use JioCloud by logging in to it. If you want a JioCloud login, then you must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, you must download this app on your device from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • You can also use their official website to log in to it
  • If you want to log in to it using their official website, then you need to browse their official website using the link
  • When you access the website or app and open it, a login page will appear on your screen
  • On the login page, you need to enter your username and password to log in
  • After entering your credentials, hit the “Log In” key
  • Once you log in to it successfully, you can use its functioning and features

Features of JioCloud

JioCloud is one of the popular cloud-saving apps. It has great features, which offer better functionality to people. The major features of JioCloud are mentioned below:

·     Store Files

JioCloud allows you to store your files. It enables you to save your documents, folders, and files without worrying about device storage. Therefore, you can save your files and access them anytime using JioCloud.

·     Easy Classification  

You can make fodders to classify your stored files. In addition, you can make albums for your stored pictures and videos and classify your music or other stored files.

Files classifications allow you to access your stored files and documents easily.

·     Offline Access

You can pin files and can get access to them without any internet connection. It is a wonderful feature that encourages people to JioCloud login and uses it. People can access their pinned files in offline mode.

·     Cloud Address Book

It provides you address book for your files. You can easily access your files.

·     Instant Playback

It enables you to watch movies and listen to music without restriction and delay. You can watch videos and listen to music without downloading them to your device.

·     Selective Sync

You can easily synchronize the folders by selecting them. You can save bandwidth costs by synchronizing your folders using it.

·     Duplicate Detection

You can easily detect the duplicated files and contacts in your address book.

·     Backups

It can back up your data easily. You can restore your deleted data on your new device using JioCloud. It will allow you to access and restore any deleted and removed files. Sometimes, the device data is deleted due to any virus and malware. In such a situation, JioCloud enables you to restore your deleted data on your device.

·     Backup Setting

JioCloud offers you backup flexibility. It enables you to switch networks and select the file at which you need to enable backup.

·     Create and Share Files

Creating and sharing is one of the best features of JioCloud that encourage people to use it. You can create files and share them easily with your family, friends, and colleagues.

You can highlight holiday trips, birthday parties, and weddings and make group projects to share files. It helps you to share any file with others from any place at any time.

·     JioCloud Speed

It is estimated that JioCloud can upload and download the 885 MB file with a speed of 100 MB per second.

It takes 50 seconds to upload and 55 minutes to download a file with surprising speed.

·     JioCloud Apps

JioCloud is available in the form of an app and website. You can either use it as an app or website. It is known as a desktop app for macOS and windows, and also for iOS and Androids. You can access it using your browser and download it on your mobile phone or android TV.

·     JioCloud Interface

JioCloud provides an easy interface. It is a user-friendly cloud storage service. Its web version has all the features arranged on the website’s left side. You can easily access each fire.

JioCloud is reliable and can easily be used by everyone. It supports English and Hindi, which gives more good functionality to people who do not know English.

·     JioCloud Board

It is one of the beautiful features of JioCloud and it is a suitable option for collaboration and teamwork. It enables people to share photos, audio, videos, and every type of document with others.

When you create a board and add your family and friends, they can use their JioCloud account to watch your board. They can even comment on your board.

·     JioCloud Sharing Feature

You can get a sharing feature in JioCloud, which allows people to share their documents and files. You can click any of the files and need to press only the right of your mouse to share it and You can also share through the following ways using JioCloud:

  • By a public link
  • By an Email ID
  • On your Facebook account

·     JioCloud Security Options

JioCloud offers you a way to save your files and make them secure. It provides encrypted formats on an internet server. It offers two factors Authentication, by which you can get an SMS code when you log in to it at any time. The app enables you to track a device that logs in to it. Moreover, its mobile app offers a fingerprint option and pattern for unlocking the app.

·     JioCloud Privacy Policy

JioCloud has its privacy policies. It collects all the data that you stored in it and also provides a fully GDPR-compliant Icedrive. It even declared in the privacy policy that your data could be given to contractors, sellers, and consultants.

Benefits of using JioCloud

JioCloud is a cloud storage service that enables people to store documents and share them with others. It has many benefits. Which few major are mentioned below:

JioCloud Mobile App

JioCloud Mobile App

The benefits that you can get using the JioCloud login mobile app are mentioned below:

  • It offers you a Mac Desktop app when you download it on your device
  • It allows people to share the link to access files
  • It enables people to restore their data by restoring backups
  • It offers people free accounts
  • It allows users a user management option by which they can manage its functionality
  • It provides server backups
  • It provides email backups
  • It provides people a source to store their data securely
  • It provides people phone support by which they can get their customer service

JioCloud iOs Mobile App

  • It provides people access to the website
  • It provides automatic backups to users
  • It protects your account password
  • It provides a cloud file manager
  • It gives a professional platform by which you create, save, and share files with other users
  • It offers limitless file sizes
  • It provides cloud-to-cloud backups to users
  • It offers event logging to users
  • It provides them with search tools
  • Al the features are incredible and encourage people to use this service.


Pros and Cons of JioCloud

JioCloud comes with both good and bad sides. So, its pros and cons are mentioned here.


  • It is popular
  • It provides the best storage
  • Its users praise it
  • It is compatible with multiple devices
  • It provides a wonderful free version
  • It is a useful service
  • It provides file sharing facility
  • It provides a synchronizing file facility
  • It has the best security features
  • It provides a user-friendly interface
  • It provides backup options
  • It provides a good referral program


  • It has problems with app store listening
  • It performs slowly sometimes
  • Its mobile app is not too good
  • It has some updated issue
  • People face app permission issues
  • People face login issues
  • It may lose your data.
  • Its speed is good enough but sometimes takes time to load files
  • It has a weak privacy policy
  • It sells user data to vendors and contractors

Final Words

JioCloud is a cloud storage app that provides storage facilities to people. When you JioCloud login app, it provides storage for storing your documents.

It provides incredible features and the best functioning. All about it is mentioned here in this article. It has many advantages but also has some advantages with them. I hope this article will be helpful for you.

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