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Our use of smart devices has made our lives easier in many ways. They’re an indispensable part of our daily lives and we rely on them for nearly everything. Stolen smart devices are a serious risk. All private information is now easily accessible which can be dangerous to you and your family. For most of us, our phones contain all our personal data and we cannot live without them. Fortunately, today’s advanced cell phone finder apps make it easy to get your device back quickly. To find your lost device, you need the right app. The Google Find My Device App helps you to track the device down on a map and guide you back to your missing smartphone.

It’s a great app for when you need some help finding your missing smartphone! Be sure to check out our in-depth review of the application.

What is Google Find My Device?

You can monitor where your Google Android devices are by installing the Google Find My Device App. This app helps prevent theft or forgetting where your device is, and in case it does, it’ll be a lot easier to find.

What is Google Find My Device

This app provides you with updates about your device’s battery life & location, lets you play or stop music, and adds an option to set a password or erase your data.

Is Find My Device Really Needed?

Lost your phone or app? Find My Device is a huge savior and one of the best Android apps around. This is one of the primary reasons why it has been featured as one of the top free applications for Android. Put your device in lost mode and need make it ring with a sound. Install this application so that your phone will play the sound you want it to. Features Ring your phone so you don’t lose it! Instantly get notified when your phone is on a call or has an incoming text message.

Used by over 250 million Android users globally, this free app does everything – from showing you what apps are running on your phone, and who your WiFi is shared with, to even turning your phone into a surveillance camera!

If you think that your phone will never be restored, you can still secure your personal data on it and delete the remaining information.

How to find your lost Android phone using Google’s Find My Device

There are several things that you don’t want to happen in life. Losing your smartphone is certainly one of them & not just because of the price tag or the hassle. Devices like smartphones and tablets contain a lot of personal data. They can contain your login details, bank account numbers, and credit card information. Anything that is stored in them can be lost or stolen which could be catastrophic to your livelihood.

Everyone has the occasional time when they lose their phone. It can sometimes be quite stressful, but luckily, most modern Android phones have a “Find My Device” option to help. By setting your phone to be found and locked, you can have extra peace of mind knowing your phone is getting turned off in case you’re running low on battery, which also means that it.


The built-in Find My Device feature on the Android operating system allows you to find your lost smartphone by heading to or downloading the Find My Device app from the play store, but there are a few things you need to do beforehand in order for it to work properly.

  • To check the phone’s Android version press Home, tap About Phone, and then scroll down to Software information. There you’ll find a list of system details – including which versions of Android it can run.

  • Go to the Find My Device tab, tap Sync Now and make sure that your internet connection is turned on

Head to Settings → Security or Security & location → Find My Device

  • Turn on Location Services

  • Open → Visibility → Make sure that your device is set to Open

  • Connect your phone to a wifi network or make sure that it has access to a mobile data signal

  • That’s great! Make sure your phone is set up with a Google account so it can get the new updates.

How to Use Find My device App?

This application is very easy to use, allowing you to easily find a way to create your own content. Here are some ways you can take advantage of this device:

1: Install the Google Find my Device app by downloading it through the Google Play store

2: Open the app and sign in through your Gmail account or sign in as a guest.

3: After adding your Gmail password, you will see a map and your phone information on the screen.

4: You can choose to use the Secure Device button, Play Sound button or Erase Device button.

5: On your phone, click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen and select Secure Device to add a message on the lock screen.

Note: Your device has to be on and connected to either Wi-Fi or Mobile data while being in the same location with GPS enabled, and having to Find My Device turned on.

Locate your phone over the internet.

What steps can you follow to find your device?

  1. Navigate to the Google Earth web browser on your laptop.

  2. Sign in through your Google account by entering your Gmail ID and password.

  3. Check on your device.

Steps to Secure Your Android Smartphone Remotely

On the Find My Device page, you will have three options on the left plane – Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device. You can use it to keep your phone close at hand and make sure it doesn’t get lost. One of the best features is that you can lock the phone remotely, so if you misplace it somewhere in your home or in a friend’s location.

Secure Your Android Smartphone Remotely

For the best chance at protecting your phone’s data and not losing it, you should use this option. It should be noted that using this will erase all of your internal storage, and may remove the phone from Find My Device as well. This is the last resort and should only be used if you are willing to risk your data

Features of Find My Device App

Mobile Device Tracker is an application that helps people find their lost or stolen devices. This can be done through the web interface and SMS, among other things. The benefits of this tracker include:

  • See on the map: You can see where your device is located on the map, and if there’s no current location available, you can still find out where you were last.

  • Track location: You can see where you are and the direction of your device from this map.

  • Indoor map: Find your misplaced phone with this cool navigation feature

  • Play sound: When your phone goes into silent mode, you can simply tap on the full volume button to turn it off.

  • See network and battery status: When you see the battery percentage and the network your phone is connected to, it brings added information to your attention.

  • Erase your device: If you select the Reactivate device feature. Your data will be removed from your device and it will not be possible to track its location. Your Gmail will also be erased.

  • Lock your device: You can get a security lock installed on your phone to ensure that nobody else is accessing it. If you get one, set your own passcode in order to keep sensitive data safe.

  • Set a message or contact on the lock screen: Before somebody else can call you, they are required to tap on the “Contact” button on your lock screen and then type in a message.

Couple Google Find My Device with a tracking device, and your old phone can be found in seconds. The app also works as an extra security measure checking for any signs of hacks or tampering and letting you know right away.

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Final Thoughts About Google Find My Device App

It can be a bit scary when you are in public and someone physically grabs your phone. I know the last thing you want is to ditch your phone, but after a few minutes, it’s likely that it will be impossible to find.

Filing complaints can take a long time. Worst case, you still have your private information on your phone and if you don’t do anything, it could end up really hurting you.

Gadgets like smartphones and tablets are expensive… But this great app can help you find your phone in an instant. If you have a lost phone and I have the capability to track its location, I can get it back in no time at all or if not, at least save your data.

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