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Feed.chunk app virus mac

What is Feed Chunk?


Feed Chunk is a type of software that guarantees to be used as an additional search engine but in reality, it is fake software and a browser hijacker and it is a type of redirect virus that slows down your Mac browser. Feed.chunk app virus mac slows down the browser and begins to show unwanted and disturbing advertisements. if you have installed this application in your browser then it brings you to get familiar with many unknown websites, pops up, and advertising banners that will only disturb you and irritate you and you have nothing except disturbance and irritation. in case of such a computer is defective and has some problems with its system, this application can give the notice to change the browser settings such as the homepage, new tab default, and many things.


Major information about Feed Chunk


Name: Feed Chunk or Feed.chunk.com


Category: Browser hijacker, pop-up virus


Detail: Feed chunk is a browser hijacker application that is supported by unwanted applications installed in the browser by mistake.


Distribution: It shows unpleasant advertisements and begins to show you unknown websites, which only disturb your work, and nothing, provides you any benefit except to disturb your work.


Installation: Sometimes, it happened that people install this application by mistake.



How “Feed Chunk” is installed and what are its effects?


Sometimes people install this type of software and applications by mistake. Feed.chunk app virus mac software supports unwanted applications and begins to show unwanted and unpleasant advertisements during your work. It is conveyed to people by several possible methods such as through a link, freeware, share, advertisement, and people get installed this software unwantedly.

The hackers and lawbreakers utilize software rushing, e-mail publicizing, and many techniques to circulate their generated malware codes in the world wild. A user should be careful and avoid such types of disturbing and disgusting applications or software and make sure a check on your browser by custom installation mode when you want to install something in your browser.


Effects of Feed Chunk

Once you have installed this application in your browser, it can target the machine and it can change all web browser setting such as default search engines, homepage settings, and new tab settings without showing you any notice. Such types of software and applications make it compulsory to visit the unknown website and sufferers do it unwantedly.

Moreover, when people installed this browser hijacker it begins to show an unwanted advertisement to people and enforce people to visit unknown websites.


As a browser hijacker, Feed Chunk has a deep check on your personal information, search key intentions, and your data. This information is collected under logs and can be sent to Feed Chunk for fake works and illegal purposes. In such a situation, people can lose all their personal information and personal data. People suffer from potential loss until the danger is identified and removed from the browser.


Feed Chunk application can also show the advertisement mentioned below:


  • Redirects
  • Browser banners and advertisement banners
  • Online search research in form of advertisement
  • Show notification ads
  • Pop-ups


The advertisement and the links provided by Free Chunks can bring fake sites for you and enforce you to visit that site by disturbing you during your work. You unintentionally visit unwanted and unknown websites.

It is possible that the advertisement shown by Free Chunk is not harmful but it may lead you to harmful websites, which can defraud you. In this situation, it happens that some websites are fake and used your personal information for the crime which results in which is harmful to you and your browser or Mac.


This type of software creates many problems for you and some possible problems are mentioned below:


  • Bargain your password and code from your Mac and create keystrokes from it by using keyloggers.
  • Abolish data from your Mac and can delete your files. This can damage your Mac Operating System.
  • Keep a deep check on your activities and your intentions on the search engine, this means which thing you are searching for and watching the hacker, which hacks your OS, can also see that thing.
  • Harm and damage your window OS through DDos (Denial of Services) attacks.
  • It can utilize your Mac to generate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • It can get your personal information from your web browser.
  • Automatically install unwanted applications on your Mac, which harms your Mac OS.
  • Show you unknown websites, which redirect you to technical scams.
  • All these things can damage your browser and your data.


If you are suffering from the same situation then you have not required to be worried about it, just read out our guidelines, and follow them to remove the Feed Chunk from your browser.

Removal of Feed Chunk


Planning before removing Feed Chunk

  • Turn all of your files to backup.
  • Remain a guiding page open that can help you to remove Feed Chunk from your Mac easily.
  • Do not worry if removal takes time because this process is time taking.


1st: Remove Feed Chunk from your Mac


  • Open your Mac OS and press “Go” then go to “Utilities” and open Activity Monitor
  • Stopping the usage of the application which you want to remove and which you think is doubtful.
  • Press the “Go” menu once again and go to the applications.
  • Write the doubtful app’s name and place it into the trash.
  • After the above step, select “Accounts” and press on “Login Items.” here, remove any doubtful application that is set to process automatically.


2nd: Remove Feed Chunk from Web Browser


  1. Remove the presence of Feed Chunk from Google Chrome


  • Go to Google Chrome and press the Drop down menu which is at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Open “Tool” from the menu and then press “Extensions.”
  • Explore Feed Chunk, related advertisements, and extensions, and then press on the garbage icon to remove all these things.


  1. Remove Feed presence from Mozilla Firefox


  • Go to Firefox and select the menu on the top right corner of it.
  • From the menu, press on the “Add-ons” setting.
  • After that click on the doubtful extension and then press the “Remove” option.
  • After the steps mentioned above, restart Firefox.


  1. Remove Feed Chunk Presence from Safari Browser

  • Go to the Safari and open it.
  • Open the Safari Drop down menu that is at the top right corner of it.
  • Press “Preferences” from the menu list.
  • Press on “Uninstall” and accept any instructions given by the browser.


Step 3: Run a scan to remove doubtful applications like Free Chunks


From the point of view of security professionals, the better option to get rid of fake and harmful applications is to scan your web browser with the help of advanced cleaning software. There is much such software is found which can help you to scan your web browser and you can easily get rid of such fake applications.


Another method to remove Feed Chunk from Mac

Feed.chunk app 

Feed.chunk app virus mac

Step 1: Removal of the doubtful profile from your Mac


Profiles are the things that are used by ID admins and it is used in business to get control of the behavior of their Mac. This type of profile encourages a mac to do different tasks and it encourages doing that tasks which are not even possible. Browser hijackers are using such types of profiles to hijack web browsers. These profiles stop you to remove doubtful applications so, if you want to remove the doubtful application then remove these profiles first.


To remove a doubtful profile, follow the steps mentioned below.


  • Go to the system preferences
  • Search for the profile icon by opening the window.
  • Open the profile icon and press on it. Select any doubtful profile from which you want to get rid and then click on the “minus” button. Press the “Remove” option.


Step 2: Remove the Doubtful program


  • In this step, you have to remove the doubtful program. For this purpose, follow the steps mentioned below.
  • Quit the doubtful application. For this purpose, go to the menu list that is at the top right corner of the menu bar. Press on “Quit” after selecting the doubtful application icon.
  • Open “Finder”
  • Press on “Application” from a menu list.
  • Then find and remove the doubtful application. For this purpose, when you click on the “application” option it will show all the applications which are installed on your device. Scroll the list until you find out the doubtful application, when you find it click the right of your touchpad and then select the option “Move to Trash.”


Maybe, all this information is helpful and useful for you and you can easily remove doubtful applications such as Feed Chunk.




Feed.chunk app virus mac is a browser hijacker that is supported by unwanted applications. People install Feed Chunk in many possible ways and are then harmed by Feed Chunk because Feed Chunk leads them towards fake and dangerous websites. It also started to show the advertisement during your work. It is very important to get rid of such type of software and you can easily remove this application from your Mac by following the steps mentioned above.

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