Does your child have a smartphone? If so, you need to try Celltracker io! It’s a free tracking app for Android phones that will help you track virtually ANY phone anywhere in the world. We’ve been using Celltracker for more than a year now and it’s been amazing at keeping track of our phones. We even had a friend in France find our phone after we left it on the train! Celltracker is free to use, and you can find out how to install it here: https://www.celltracker.

The world has become increasingly mobile and so have your children. The majority of them are now using devices and it is one of the scariest combinations in the world.

cell tracker

Screen time should be carefully monitored due to the number of risks involved. There is a higher risk of cyberbullying, adult content, fraud, and depression; as well as malware and web addiction that are commonly found online.

Do you want to know who your toddler is hanging out with in person? Who he or she talks to over text messages? What games do they play on the internet, and for how long? We have the tools you need! They allow instant notifications about unusual or suspicious behaviors.

Just to let you know, parental control software is helpful for secretly keeping an eye on your kid’s phone usage. You can monitor things like texting, location, and their downloaded apps for any signs of trouble.

As the name suggests, is a remote mobile tracker that also offers WhatsApp tracking and SMS tracking. It’s free and robust with accurate GPS location tracking, too.

Let’s start with a rundown of the Celltracker review to mention its pluses and minuses. And find out how the free mobile tracker app works

How to Start with

Celltracker is a free app that tracks and monitors every activity on your phone. This includes SMS, call recordings, photos, browser history, live location, WhatsApp, Facebook Skype, and Telegram. The really interesting thing is that once you install the app on the device that you’re tracking, it can be monitored remotely. So even if you lose your phone, there’s a good chance that you can still track down whoever has it.

Instructions and questions

“We are helping parents to control or monitor or analyze their kid’s behavior and social activities. Our application is not a spy app compared to others. We don’t take unnecessary data from users, for our app doesn’t need to disable play protection mode in-app. It offers an easy installation process, very less battery consumption when compared to others.”

~ Celltracker Team

What does offer you?

Celltracker is a multifunctional device with features such as tracking your contact list, images, text messages, and even GPS locations. You can remotely control the camera from your phone to monitor from a different location. or view it on your computer. It is also compatible with Google Maps, so you can see where the camera is located on a map in real-time. If your phone is lost, the Celltracker can be used as a tracker to find it — this is especially helpful when you lose your phone in public places such as airports or shopping malls.

  • SMS Tracker

  • Calls Tracker

  • Location Tracker

  • GEO Fencing

  • Photos Tracker

  • Apps Tracker

  • Remote Controller

  • Browser History Tracker

  • WhatsApp Tracker

  • Facebook Tracker

  • Skype Tracker

  • Telegram Tracker

  • Viber Tracker

  • Snapchat Tracker

Top Features of Celltracker io

Celltracker io strives for total mobile devotion and offers its customers a tailored experience to all their digital woes, catering to different types of fears & insecurities. Celltracker is a powerful and versatile app. It has features like all-in-one recordings, browsing history, live location status, photos, social media notifications, and web filtering. I can rest easy thanks to Celltracker; it’s an important tool in hacking prevention!

1. Tracks everything

Once you’ve downloaded this app to your target device, you can track the following: All-call recordings, browsing history, live location status, photos & videos captured on your mobile device. You can also monitor social media notifications and all installed apps on the phone.

Finally, if contact is stored in their device’s contacts list or synced with the phone’s address book, you can monitor their incoming and outgoing calls as well.

  • You can track All-call recordings, browsing history, live location status, photos & videos captured on their mobile device.
  • Monitoring social media notifications are also possible with this app.
  • If contact is stored in the target phone’s contacts list or synced with the address book, you can also monitor their incoming and outgoing calls as well.
  • You can monitor social media notifications with this app as well.
  • This app is suitable for parents, employees, and other people who want to keep track of their contacts.

We found that many apps offer only basic features, whereas Celltracker has various advanced options such as GPS location tracking, SMS, and call recording. They also have access to social media platforms for monitoring as well as browsing needs.

2. Not a spyware

Celltracker is a social network and a safe tool for parents to control their kids’ smartphones. It is completely free and does not track or monitor users in any way. It’s a mobile application for self-help to help you reduce your phone usage, backup phone information & track the location of any lost cell.

Nothing will be sent to other vendors without your consent. After you uninstall the app, all data will be deleted.

3. invisible

Cell Tracker app has a stealthy invisibility feature that goes into hiding when installed on your phone. This way, if someone steals your phone and gets access to it, they’ll never know you still have this installed to track what they’re doing. It also lets you spy on all their data like the call history & messages.

4. Enhanced privacy

When it comes to data protection, the Cell Tracker app is very knowledgeable. This mobile tracker app keeps your data safe and secure from hackers by using end-to-end encryption. Cell Tracker app ensures that the confidentiality of your information remains. So even your service provider can’t get to your data without your permission.

5. Compatibility with the target device

Whether you have Android OS, BlackBerry OS, Windows OS, WebOS, or Apple iOS, Cell Tracker is capable of working on them all.

6. Always stay up to date with the latest version of CellTracker.

Cell tracker is a top-up-to-date mobile phone app that has many useful features. Being able to remotely update the app on your target device is one of them. One of the best benefits of Celltracker is that it doesn’t require manual updates to get new features!

How to use Celltracker io?

Celltracker is a free app that can be installed easily on your phone, it helps you track down your phone in case of theft. It only takes a few easy steps to install and use Celltracker. First, open the app by tapping on its icon. Then, enter your phone number and a password of your choice. You will be asked to enter it twice to make sure you entered it correctly. If you are still not sure if you entered it correctly, reset the password with another pattern to confirm that you typed in the correct password. Next,

celltracker io login

celltracker io login


  • The registration process at Canva is easy. All you have to do is click on the “Create an account” button and follow through with the directions on clicking for links that are underlined.

  • Fill in the details – Full Name, Email, and password in the Register form.


  • The Celltracker Login is made easy with the application. Once you’ve registered and the registration is done,

  • Click the laptop icon (Mobile Browser)/ New Device Button(Desktop) on top of the screen.

  • Please enter the 6-digit access code you have received on your registered mobile phone. You will need this token while installing the Cell Tracker app on your mobile device.


  • You can now access on any device with the Chrome browser, targeted right at your phone.

  • Download the apk by clicking the “Download Apk” button. Give all access permissions and paste the six-digit access code.

  • You’ll be able to see the updated settings once you’ve signed in.

  • The app icon should disappear after 20 seconds


  • Have you downloaded the app.apk file? Delete it and clear the browser history.


  • Now login to the cell tracker desktop or mobile app and monitor the target device data


  • Now, please click on the “Post Installation Settings” button and follow the instructions to make the app work properly on your device without any breakage. Pricing

Celltracker io is a free mobile monitoring tool with 35+ advanced features. You can also purchase a premium version for advanced tracking features.

On the free plan, you’ll have a limited number of features. However, if you want full coverage and access to all the tracking features on both mobile & desktop, then premium plans are for you. Can I get a refund? Yes, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase. , but you will be charged a fee to cover the cost of your subscription.

About Celltracker Company

Cyber security software development company, Celltracker takes safeguarding your children very seriously. They are continuously dedicating themselves to helping you protect them wherever they go on the internet. .“Our mission is to empower parents worldwide with solutions that protect their children from online predators, provide a cyber-safe environment for learning and interacting, and help parents understand the digital world.”

CelltrackerCelltracker has released an app that can be downloaded for free on the Google Play store. This smartphone app is convenient and has many features that parents can use to keep track of their children’s mobile device location. This app also includes a GPS tracker, so you can view a map of their location as well as the time they last contacted you. Unlimited data is also provided for free through this app.“The Celltracker App provides peace of mind for parents and caregivers. We love the ability to monitor their location without having to constantly check in.”


Celltracker is a mobile tracking app that does what you need it to do. It’s easy to use and it’s free for Android Phones. You can track and record nearly everything that the user does including all-call recordings, browsing history, live location status, photos & videos – even your social media notifications! But you don’t have to stop there as they also provide web filtering and contact lists.

So what’s all about? We found the app interface very straightforward & user-friendly and it was very easy to use. With end-to-end encryption & enhanced security, you get peace of mind with, and the knowledge library is well maintained too! With remote updates, Celltracker is unlike any other phone tracking app on the market.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next app, take a look at our review. We hope it is helpful and if you want to get your app reviewed, just contact us when you are done with it. It’s important to get feedback on your app before it’s released to the public. This allows you to determine an app’s potential in the market and make any changes that are needed before releasing it. If you need help identifying a top developer for your project, take a look at our list of leading app developers below.

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